Obsolete Hydraulic Governor and long delivery

November 9, 2013


Obsolete Hydraulic Governors and long Delivery

We offer the following service

 Turbine or Engine Hydraulic Governors – If the Governor is obsolete or very long delivery time , we

will arrange have the Governor built as per original  specification , the Governors are assembled by Engineers having long  experience and Tested on Manufacturers Test stand by Ex Manufacturers Test Engineers .

The Governor will be supplied with Governor Test Sheet , a EGS  Certificate and EGS warranty 18 months from date supply ,

the Governor will be Stamped with a EGS Serial number for the purpose of Warranty identification .

The Governor will be built using original OEM parts where such OEM parts are no longer available ,obsolete or where long-lead times have been offered we have the capability to provide re-engineered spares part components to original OEM specification

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