Overhaul Hydraulic Governors – Worldwide Service

November 19, 2013

We offer a fixed price Overhaul service for Hydraulic Governors for Steam Turbines , Diesel & Gas Engines , Marine and Industrial application .

For all prime users of Steam Turbines or Diesel / Gas Engines Sugar Refineries,Chemical plants , Oil Refineries ,Oil Companies,  Marine operators ,Navy ,  Electric Companies – on advice of Governor part numbers we will give a fixed price for full

Overhaul and return as new specification with full 12 month EGS warranty , Quote price will include all parts required and all labour so there are no unknowns,

provided Governor is supplied complete .

We can arrange collection , shipping our works , full overhaul in a 10-14 day turnaround and organise return customer .

We offer this service Worldwide – for the full range of Industrial and Marine Hydraulic Governors of Woodward or RE

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