EGS BRAND – Quality built Governors at competitive prices

July 22, 2014

 – MECHANICAL / HYDRAULIC GOVERNORS A Governor built by EGS in the United Kingdom is one built to the original build part number and tested to the original manufacturer’s specification. The Governor is sold strictly as an EGS brand Governor. EGS are allowed to use the Woodward model code and part numbers for comparative purposes as a worldwide industry identification that has been accepted and agreed by Woodward. EGS issue their own serial numbers for identification and warranty purposes. Each Governor will be stamped with the EGS part number, and original Woodward part number as a customer reference number for comparative purposes. EGS offer this service for most hydraulic Governors model codes such as HA, PG-PL, PGD, PGA, UG40, UG8/10, UGA, 3161,PSG, SG, TG, EG3P and EGB range. EGS offers a Governor hand built by trained technicians with many years’ experience and all are supplied complete with test sheets and an 18-month warranty, if required we can also arrange a classification society Inspection at an additional cost. EGS give a reasonable delivery at a fair price for a first class product. EGS have been in the Governor business for over 30 years and specialize in offering governor builds for customers who seek a bespoke service and high quality build.

Essex Governor Services Limited is a GE value added reseller of Genuine Woodward products for GE Energy – mechanical/hydraulic as well as digital electronic controls for the retrofit Turbine market, this covers a wide range of genuine products.

EGS can also supply original Woodward factory built governors if required provided that the part number is not obsolete. These Governors will have longer delivery and be more expensive compared to the EGS brand. EGS will always advise at the quotation stage and order acknowledgement the nature of any supply.

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