The EG (Electronic Governor) family consists of a series of electric governor/actuators including the EG, EGA, EGB, EGM and EGR.

The EGB is a actuator / mechanical governor combination that provides a least-fuel position output from a ballhead governor and from an EGB type transducer.
The self-contained hydraulic oil supply makes the governor easy to maintain in almost any installation environment .

Available for use with duel fuel,diesel and gas engines and gas and steam turbines.

The EGP range of actuators , for use on diesel,gas and petrol engines in addition to turbines are designed for use in control systems requiring a proportional mechanical output or a propotional electrical input. They convert 20 to 160mA signals into proportional rotary output positions.

They are available in 4, 5, 6 and 10 ft-lb work output capacity.