Mechanical Governors


The SG is a hydraulic speed droop governor for control of small engines or turbines. The PSG’s only difference from the SG is that it has a compensation system which adds temporary droop to the governor during speed transients.


The UG group of governors consists of a line of pressure-compensated mechanical-hydraulic governors for controlling diesel, gas or dual fuel engines or steam turbines.


The PG group of governors comprises a variety of pressure-compensating hydraulic governors with linear or rotary output and a capacity range from 12 to 500 ft-lb.


The PG is an isochronous pressure – compensating governor usually used in turbine applications with a wide range of servo outputs available.


The 3161 is a mechanical governor designed for speed control for use predominantly on diesel engines.

Regulator Europa

The most common RE governors we work on are the RE 1100 series 2G 3G & 4G.