Regulator Europa

The most common RE governors we work on are the RE 1100 series 2G 3G & 4G.

Designed for general purpose governing. The available work output for the 1100 series ranges from 8 to 40 ft-lb. They also have options for droop adjustment, fuel limitation, load control and torque control.

The RE 400 Series

Hydraulic isochronous governor with work capacity range from 9 to 37 ft-lb. Speed setting options consist of either motorised speed control or dial speed control.

The RE 1500 Series

Designed specifically for high power, medium speed and large bore, slow speed diesel engines. Maximum work capacity is up to 250 ft-lb. Droop adjustment. Speed setting options consist of synchronising motor, pneumatic and lever.

We can also accommodate earlier governors such as the 100, 300, 600 and 700. Maximum work capacity is up to 250 ft-lb. droop adjustment.




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