About – Essex Governor Services Middle East & Asia Limited

The Independent Governor Specialists

The Company was formed in 2006 for trading ,to develop the service , repair, sale and marketing of governors,actuators and controls  throughout Asia, Middle East, West & East Africa  and deals with all inquiries from these regions of the World.

We cover bulk Overhaul of existing Hydraulic Governors for Steam Turbines , Diesel & Gas Engines, Compressors, used in  Oil & Sugar Refineries , Chemical works , Cement Works , Rail operators ,Marine operators , and Oil Offshore Installations we will give a fixed price for all parts and all works , Governor will be returned as new specification and with 18 Month warranty, we will arrange collection and return World wide .

Where the original Hydraulic Governor is either obsolete or long delivery from the Manufacturer we can arrange build Hydraulic Governor using genuine parts and build the  original specification , test on original test stand and issue with full Certificate and Warranty .

We undertake the design , upgrade and retrofit where existing Steam Turbine or Engine system Control or Governor needs complete upgrade latest systems .

We undertake the supply new Governors , Actuators , Controls and spares Parts for hydraulic Governor repair and service .

We specialize in Regulateur Europa RE , Woodward & Zexel Governor and Control systems .

High quality,reliability rapid response and customer satisfaction are our principle aims.



Any manufacturer, trade, brand or company names given are for reference only EGS ME&A is a completely independent trading company, and is not affiliated with any other company including Woodward Governor Co, any brand name of hydraulic governors or part numbers are given for reference only, and are not intended to imply that the parts are in all cases of original manufacture.

EGS ME&A is owned and operated as a completely Independent trading & marketing company.



Ian Skins, Director

Ian has been Director of Essex Governor Services Middle East & Asia since 2006. He is responsible for trading in West & East Africa, the Middle East, South East Asia.

Ian has a wealth of experience across a range of industries, including Marine and Industrial Engineering and has worked across the World.

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One of our partners is Euro Marine Technical Ltd.

A specialist service to the marine industry and industrial prime user providing consulting and assistance for provision of spare parts for a wide range of Medium and high speed European diesel engines. Worldwide customers – Mak, Mirrlees Blackstone, Deutz, MWM, Bryce – Woodward, L’orange.