We specialize in governor overhauls – for oil refineries, chemical works, sugar refineries, urgent marine/offshore/industrial applications.

We offer a fixed price gold seal service including all parts and labour returning governor to original specification, we will organize collection, overhaul and return Worldwide with prompt service.

With over three decades of experience in the governing industry , we guarantee unshakeable reliability,rapid response to enquiriers and unparalleled attention to detail for each and every project .

What is Gold seal ?

EGS offers a unique ‘Gold Seal ‘ price for overhauls on most mechanical Woodward Governors ,this price is all inclusive with no hidden extras and allows clients to budget in advance for planned maintenance.

The price is inclusive of the renewal of all consumable spares and any other parts requiring renewal due to wear , damage , corrosion or modification to the latest design standard .

12 months warranty applies on all our governor overhauls .

Essex Governor Services Middle East & Asia Limited is a completely Independent Company  not affiliated with the Woodward Governor Co or indeed any other Company